past the post payouts

One of the great benefits available when you place a racing bet with an online Australian bookmaker is that you get paid out to your account very fast indeed.

Normally if you were placing a bet with say the TAB, or even with an on-course bookmaker you would have to wait for the correct weight or all clear signal before the TAB would declare that the race is paying then your dividend paid.

However, most online corporate bookmakers in Australia will deposit your winning dividends quickly to your account, usually once interim dividends are declared.

This means you won't have to wait in order to re-invest in another race. This is an excellent benefit for account holders who want to invest the winnings on another pending event.

There is one down-side however. Should the race results change, due to a disqualification or a protest being upheld, any dividend paid to your account will be altered or reversed and if you have re-bet your winnings before the race is officially paying, you may find you account in the red!

If it was a fixed price WIN bet on a race and the winning runner loses on protest, you may be protected by the Protest Promise feature available at some bookmakers. If it was an exotic bet and the result is changed then your winnings could be reversed or if your exotic bet was still a winner, then the dividend you were paid on interim results may change.