Australian Gambling Legislation

Major changes are now in effect with regard to gambling advertisements that offer any form or inducement to gamble.

From July 2nd, 2018 new gambling laws introduced in New South Wales, Australia ban advertisements offering inducements such as Free Bets, Free Bonuses, Matched 1st Deposits and similar to people resident in New South Wales.

Even advertisements carrying a disclaimer that the incentive is not available to NSW customers are banned.

Individual laws in some other states of Australia already disallow any gambling services provider to give an inducement to new customers to join their service.

The implementation of these new laws will see a dramatic change in the advertisement of gambling products in Australia as it is difficult for advertisers to specifically exclude residents of New South Wales from seeing their advertisements.

Hence overall we will now see very few if any gambling companies in Australia advertising any incentives to join their gambling service.

To view the full changes in NSW legislation please visit Liquor & Gaming NSW at their website